3D LED Night Lamp BMW E30 Color Changing

3D LED Night Lamp BMW E30 Color Changing


? HIGH-QUALITY BMW E30 Sedan, Car lovers, LED Lamp

This LED Lamp is handmade, durable, long-lasting, reusable, eco-friendly, and energy-saving. You can use this Trendy Night Lamp to decorate the bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms, kids? rooms, offices, shop, bar, etc. We used acrylic and Plexiglas to make this Pretty Led Lamp using the laser cutting method.

Moreover, the emitted lights of the Lamp don?t harm the eyes and health. This harries potter lamp changes seven lights automatically. Along with its luxurious and beautiful shape, it doesn?t get more power and energy.

3D LED Night Lamp


This charming 3D Night Lamp LED creates a visual emphasis in the interior of your bedroom, living room, kids room even in office, shop, bar, or creative spaces.
It’s perfect for a home décor as well can become your night lamp or decor item. As well it will also be great for children who are afraid or just dislike to sleep in the dark.


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Technical 3D LED Night Lamp Information


Acrylic design is created by our Team firstly using a laser cut, secondly laser engraving. Moreover inserted into the base.

The 3D LED Night Lamp changes to 7 Different Colors automatically: blue & red & green & pink & cyan & yellow & white

Lit by hidden LED’s however never overheated, it will brighten any space while keeping your electricity bills below minimum.

Power spend: 0.012 kw.h / 24 hours. LED life span: 10000 hours.

Finally lights are tested and are fully functional prior to shipping.

11×25 cm / 4.3×9.8 in

How it comes:
– 3D lamp
– Base
– Micro USB cable

Therefore this item will be shipped within 1-5 business days after the payment is received. Worldwide fast shipping of course!

Additional Information about LED Light

Smart Touch/Remote Controller, USB/ batteries.
Color switching mods- slow flash, automatic flicker, fast automatic color change, automatically balance color changes.
Eco-friendly acrylic material, no harm to health or eyes, energy saving.
Also, you can use it for all kinds of decorations like Christmas gatherings, Halloween, Birthday parties, special celebrations.
Creates beautiful environment in the interior of your bedroom, living room, kids room, office, shop, bar, or creative space. It will also be great for children who are afraid or just dislike to sleep in the dark. It works with LED lights that light up acrylic plate.

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