Gemstone Bracelet Spiritual Health Lava Stone

Gemstone Bracelet Spiritual Health Lava Stone


Keep Tiger?s Eye as a stone of luck and good fortune to attract a steady flow of money to the home. It is ideal for entrepreneurs and those setting out in business for the first time; also for those building up skills and a knowledge base for major career changes in the future.

Tiger?s Eye warns against complacency and emboldens one to ?step out of the box? in order to grow and challenge one?s artistic and creative talents, physical abilities and trying something new. Use as a support stone for determination and to overcome fear during exams, competitions, public performances, selling one?s creations in the market place, or presenting ideas in important meetings. Wear or carry Tiger?s Eye for increasing insight and perception in unfamiliar places or circumstances, and for protection from the negative intentions of others.


Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet Spiritual Health Crystal work with the energy centers in the body to remove energy blockages and heal the body, mind, and even spirit. Wearing Crystal Bracelets on different sides of the body impacts you in different ways.


Please select desired size. Use a tape measure to measure your wrist where you also normally wear your bracelet. Take note of the measurement where the tape measure begins to overlap. This is your wrist size.


I just received my crystals. Now what do I do?

Firstly you want to cleanse your crystals. Secondly you want to set your intention for your crystal or jewelry. Finally once you’ve done both of those things, you can then begin working with or wearing the item.

How often should I cleanse my jewelry?

We recommend cleansing your jewelry when it begins to feel heavy. Likewise a general guideline, cleanse your jewelry every 5-7 days to keep your crystals at their highest vibration possible. We recommend you trust your intuition and go with what feels that best.

What wrist should I wear my bracelet on?

Specifically the left side of your body is your receiving side and also deals with your internal self. This is where your habits, motivation and emotions reside. Additionally when you wear jewelry on this side of your body, you can make necessary internal shifts or invite specific energy into your life.

Therefore the right side of your body is your action side or giving side. Wearing crystals on the right side aids in your productivity and controls the energy you put out into the world.

This is just an example, always trust your intuition and do what feels best to you!

**Crystal healing is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine.


Water is said to neutralize any negative energy stored inside the stone and also return it back to the earth. Although natural running water like stream is best, you can also rinse your stone under a faucet. Whatever your water source, ensure that your stone is completely submerged. Pat dry when complete. Approximate duration: 1 minute per stone.

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